Dec. 1st-3rd, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium

Challenge D

„Improving the health of elderly patients by increasing their engagement in post-hospital care“

Proposed by


It has been clearly demonstrated that patient engagement plays an important role in their continued health improvement, revalidation and avoidance of complications after a hospital stay.

One of the important elements in this (besides elements like medication adherence & regular check-ups) is the regular monitoring of key vital signs.

“Connect Health” aims to ease the tracking of the vital signs of patients who need to be monitored at home and this through a smartphone, an App and connected medical devices. Many of these elderly patients however either don’t have a smartphone or a tablet or if they have one, they have a lot of difficulties using them adequately.


By measuring their health parameters every day, patients play an active role in the management of their health. They understand what their values are every day and directly experience how their behavior might affect these.

When linked to supervision by a professional team, remote monitoring becomes an act of prevention to detect health complications earlier and to avoid acute events and readmission to hospital’s emergency services.

Coupled with coaching, self-monitoring becomes an essential part of a behavior change approach. It helps to motivate the patients by enabling the tracking of progress towards goals and either modifying the goals or changing the behavior strategy accordingly.

People with a strong need of remote monitoring and coaching are elderly often facing chronic diseases. Our experience has confirmed that a majority of elderly still don’t possess a smartphone or a tablet and even if they have one, self-monitoring is very difficult for them. Apps are often not adapted to the elderly and connecting Bluetooth-enabled Devices can be problematic for them. Given our desire to engage patients in tracking their own health, technology should not be an obstacle.

Actual Challenge

Join us in our exiting challenge and create an engagement & remote monitoring approach for a new age! This monitoring is dedicated for patients over the age of seventy.

The conditions:

  • The patients have to weigh themselves and measure their blood pressure, heart rhythm and physical activity daily.
  • Your remote monitoring solution should stimulate patient engagement at least as much as existing offers but without the use of a smartphone or tablet!!

Available resources/support

  • Connected Bluetooth weight scale, blood pressure and activity tracker
  • APIs/SDKs of these Connected devices
  • Expert with a strong experience of remote monitoring “on the field”
  • 2 Patients available by phone
  • Proximus technology

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