Dec. 1st-3rd, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium

Challenge H

„Emergency Card“

Proposed by


The social aid sector is working in the creation of an Info card for everyone, (with some key information as name, address, contact, etc…) with a focus on senior people: “carte d’information”. The card is used at the CPAS or in the local pharmacy, hospitals systems and social aid services but some senior’s doesn’t have the card when they arrive at the hospital.
Is the card the right solution for this exchange of info?
Actually, the stay at the hospital has been drastically reduced in Belgium and the patient is out really fast (‘bloody discharge’). This factor makes it difficult.


There is some connection between Social Aid and Hospitals, but there is not exchange of information. A connection between the two sectors is necessary in some cases when a person needs to prepare the process of leaving the hospital and start using social and health aid at home. When the person can be identify this process takes time but is done, but what happens when the senior is not identified and the hospital doesn’t know the information about the reference person?

Actual Challenge

We have this grandma arriving at the hospital, we don’t know who she is ?!
Lack of information at a critical moment
How to share crucial and sensitive information: IT, legal
Connectivity of the system, interoperability with systems from the hospitals
Make this system affordable for the government, even if the solution does not need to make money
Focus is senior people, but the case could be extended (ethnic)
The fill-in of the card can be done by different actors: CPAS, pharmacies, as potential allies

Available resources/support

See available solutions (apps) that offers a similar service
Hôpital Saint Pierre
2 ergotherapists could help (team captain?)
Director of SASB
Project Manager of CPAS de St Gilles

Some icebreaker-questions:

How to motivate the use of such a tool?
How to share crucial and sensitive information?
What should be the best and safest support for a senior, for social aid and for hospital to share information?


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