Dec. 1st-3rd, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium

Challenge J

„Handout during patient transfers“

Proposed by PAQS


The Brussels Health Network is a digital web of shared information, connecting all of the Brussels and Belgian hospitals with doctors on call everywhere in Belgium. Thanks to this network, hospital medical staff and GPs who are treating and advising their patients have a global overview of their health because they can consult your medical records, anytime and in complete security. This is obviously a big step towards a better health for Brussels citizens. One key challenge is the ongoing creation of integrated healthcare services, which means that patients will be treated by many different healthcare professionals, in multiple locations. Which, in turn, means transferring patients, sometimes with critical conditions, between these locations. With the related questions: what information (in terms of health) is needed for this transfers, and how could we make them easily accessible for ambulance services, using innovative technologies and the Brussels Health Network ?


How could we ensure patient safety during transfers between health organizations and professionals by providing useful and easy-to-use data?

Actual Challenge

For the time being, most transfer processes use “paper checklist” which are neither user-friendly nor adequate in terms of safety. Innovation may be the key to improve patient safety and quality of care.

Available resources/support

  1. PAQS asbl team and Quality managers from hospitals
  2. SPF Public Health, patient safety resources

some icebreaker-questions

  1. How could an app provide secure data by extracting data from health network?
  2. Which data are useful for professionals during transfers?

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