Dec. 1st-3rd, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium

Challenge L

„Get rid of smoking“

Proposed by


There are 19% of smokers in Belgium. 64% of them would like to stop smoking but to stop smoking is a difficult process because it’s a chronic disease. In spite of the difficulty to stop smoking 85% of smokers try to stop without any assistance (“cold turkey”), but more than 90% of them will relapse the year after. Whereas it’s proven that having medical support and seeing a doctor increases the chance to quit. And to stop smoking is more than necessary for some diseases.


Smokers don’t consider smoking as a disease and therefore don’t see the necessity to treat this as a disease. Moreover there’s a reluctance to get some support to stop smoking because smoking can be seen as a dependence / weakness, part of the private life (so not the concern of other people, including doctor) and people underestimate the impact of smoking on other diseases.

Actual Challenge

What if we could create a complete smoking cessation support mobile app on which smokers could put:
– the relevant private data linked on smoking cessation (age, children or not, marital status, email address…)
– their smoking cessation habits (Fagerstrom test, if they’re willing to stop smoking, what prevents them from stopping smoking…) + let’s dream: the possibility to measure the CO meter via the phone by exhaling towards your phone
– their health tracking with alerts if some diseases can be related to smoking (COPD, cardiovascular disease, MS…)
– the details of their GP (phone number, name, email address)
And with all these info, the app could send tips to the smokers, make links between diseases thanks to keywords (COPD = increased risk when smoking etc…), would propose to call their GP to get support to stop smoking, are too often ill…

Available resources/support

It’s possible to foresee a small budget for this from DME marketing


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